We are a TRIBE

A social enterprise and edutech incubator inspiring and empowering a new generation of young Liberian entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and storytellers who are equipped with the skills and tools to solve social problems.

We are building the ecosystems to create 25,000 QUALITY JOBS by 2035!

The Mission

We are creating innovative programs and solutions to improve learning outcomes and prepare students for the future of work.

How we do this

We are the first Liberian youth-led social venture to use research and technology tools to create innovative educational programs to improve learning outcomes and prepare high school students for the future of jobs.

We leverage four themes of action through which we deliver on our promise:

Research and Data

Data is our currency! We utilize a learning-first and data-based approach to understand the social issues, and leverage the insights to create our programs and solutions.

EduTech & Entrepreneurial Leadership

We are advocates for the future of work! We design contemporary curriculum and create innovative programs that bridge the skill gap and prepare young Liberian students for the future of jobs.

Media and entertainment

Media is power, and entertainment is a tool! We are creating a student-focused digital media program and an entertainment platform to engage and harness the creative potential of young Liberian students.

Social Impact

Impact is our end-goal! We seek to promote social impact across all sectors by building synergy among stakeholders. We are launching our first National Impact Conference in 2021!

Our Theory of Change

We believe that knowledge is power, and power influences change and outcomes. Our Theory of Change is articulated in a simple equation:



Improved Outcomes



Our TRIBAL Features: The Decade Plan

Our decade plan is a 10-year strategic goal to launch our TRIBE Campus – a high-tech innovative community that will host our various institutions.

TRIBE Academy

Our academy will be an innovative transition program for high school students who want to pursue careers in research, tech and innovation.

TRIBE Technologies

We are building the first Liberian technology company to power digital learning and effective education management platforms.


Our media company will be two-fold: developing responsible media practitioners who have access to tools and resources and harnessing local talents for the global market.

Our Partners