About Us

Work is important, to everyone. Studies have shown that nations with large cohorts of unemployed working population have the potential to descend into violence or unproductive activities. But what’s even more important is the quality of work.


The future of work, thanks to the rapid acceleration of technology, is uncertain. Everything we’re teaching our students now may be wrong or irrelevant. We need to teach students the fundamental life skills and develop them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs, so that they can thrive in whatever the uncertainties are.


By 2034, Africa’s population will be 1.1 billion, larger than China and India. Unfortunately, this significantly younger labor force will be unprepared for the workforce.


At TRIBE, we are committed to harnessing this potential demographic dividend. We are creating programs to prepare high school students with the skills, tools and social capital to thrive in the uncertain future of work by leveraging research and data insights, entrepreneurship and technology education.

Our Vision

We envision an ecosystem in which Liberian and African enterprises are continuously accessing the tools to grow and expand their operations and impact, and students are being equipped with the relevant leadership, technological and entrepreneurial skills and tools to become independent and self-reliant. 

Our Mission

We are creating innovative programs to improve learning outcomes and prepare young students for the future of work.

Our Model

Our model emphasizes personal transformation as the basis for creating social change and impact. We are creating a model that can be replicated all across Africa, by young African leaders. We endeavor to deliver on our promise in the following ways: 

  • Identify ​
    We identify problems as opportunities and leverage on the insights to
  • Incubate
    the talents that will harness such opportunities by
  • Empowering / Equipping
    them with relevant skills, tools, and resources to
  • Connect
    with the right opportunities and networks that will enable them to
  • Create
    solutions and address social problems in a socially responsible and conscious way

Our Team Culture: SLED

Spirituality – we dig deeper into ourselves, and acknowledge our highest powers, to find our purpose and deliver on its promise.

Learning – we commit to constantly improving ourselves! We always acknowledge our level of knowledge and skills, identify our gaps, and work towards learning and bridging those gaps to better improve ourselves to deliver on our mission with value.

Excellence – perfection is achievable! We are dedicated to the highest level of excellence, and we aspire to create products and services that are perfect for current needs.

Discipline – we are intrinsically driven by our personal ethos and moral obligation to be truly authentic, genuine and honest in our thoughts and actions, always.

Research and Data

We utilize a learning-first and data-based approach to understand our social issues, and leverage the insights to create our programs.

EduTech & Entrepreneurial Leadership

We design contemporary curriculum and create innovative programs that bridge skill gap and prepare young Liberian students for the future of work.

Media and Entertainment

We are creating a student-first media program, a youth-focused magazine and launching an entertainment company to harness the creative potential of young Liberians.

Social Impact

We seek to promote social impact across all sectors by building synergy among stakeholders through a “National Social Impact Conference” and “Social Impact Fund.”