Rapid COVID-19 Response Programs

COVID-19 exposed the weaknesses of many systems. For Liberia, who’s still recovering from the collapse of the education system, the disruption in education for students, particularly high school students, further deepens the already existing social injustices associated with poor learning. In response, we launched our rapid response programs to bridge the learning gaps for students. We create simple learning tools and offer short-term online and in-person programs to teach students relevant skills and keep them engaged and collaborating during and beyond COVID-19.

Virtual Entrepreneurship Program

We recruited 19 high school students to participate in the first phase of our four-week virtual learning program, where we equipped them with basic life skills and competences for the real world. Specifically, we facilitated our students to develop skills in entrepreneurship, digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, numeracy, financial literacy, creativity, research, writing and data for decision making.

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Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp

The Young Entrepreneurs Boot Camp is a hybrid program consisting of virtual learning and in-person activities, primarily focused on Entrepreneurship and Digital Literacy training. The four-week program for high school students aims to inspire their confidence, build their competence, and cultivate their entrepreneurial consciousness to give them the fundamentals for academic excellence and workforce success.

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