ELWA Academy


Timing and details

Student recruitment for the RE-NOVATE Program is designed to assess each potential participating  students’ Cognitive ability, Socio- Emotional Skills and their Character Development. Interested Students from partner schools will complete four rounds of application.  The four phases of the application comprises the following:

  • Online Application
  • In Person Assessment¬†
  • Group Assessment
  • In Person Interview with Parents/ Guardians

Program activities

Facilitation. Participate in weekly workshop at your school. 

Seminar. Discuss a wide range of issues  with peers, influential leaders, entrepreneurs and policy markers. 

Experiential learning. Participate in field trips, excursions, symposiums and mentorship sessions. 

Internship. Acquire first-hand workforce experience from leading corporate institutions in Liberia..

Eligibility criteria

  1. Be a student currently enrolled at one of TRIBE’s partner High School,
  2. Be in either the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade on the date of application,
  3. Demonstrate strong leadership qualities within both their schools and in their communities,
  4. Candidates must possess acceptable reading comprehension and composition skills, 
  5. Interested student must be of recommendable character both within their schools and the community
  6. Interested student must be flexible with time and movement and also be dedicated to the rigorous they will encounter over the course of the program


Online application closes January 21, 2022.