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TRIBE is pioneering an entrepreneurial model for African high school students to foster innovation and creativity.

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B.W Harris Episcopal High School

Paynesville SDA High School

The Program

RE-Novate is a pilot annual entrepreneurial academy for high school students. The goal of the project is two-fold: to create learning tools that inspire students to learn entrepreneurial skills, cultivate their entrepreneurial mindset, and build a model that facilitates school administrators to develop and execute entrepreneurship programs to prepare students for the workforce. Students and school administrators will obtain the fundamentals for entrepreneurial excellence and workforce success. The project has two components: component one covers workshops and learning forums to teach students entrepreneurship, digital literacy and match them with mentors. Phase two connects students with local organizations for internships and student project design and execution. Component two covers scale and sustainability. School administrators will be recruited and trained to design and execute innovative career-driven curriculum and entrepreneurial programs for students.

Program Components

Entrepreneurial development

Nurturing students’ entrepreneurial potential and providing them the tools to grow.

Socio-emotional growth

Promoting and developing self-awareness and purpose as critical to leadership and entrepreneurship

Behavioral skills

Putting students through experiences that build strong character, which are essential to personal development, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Cognitive abilities

Improving student’s critical thinking, problem-solving and general cognitive abilities.