TRIBE partners with DataCamp Donates to provide data science training to Liberian students and youth

TRIBE recently partnered with DataCamp, through its DataCamp Donates initiative, to provide data science and analytics training to Liberian high school students and youth.

At TRIBE, we believe that knowledge holds power, and data is an essential tool to leverage in accessing such power. As we prepare students for the future of work, we must institute unconventional, intentional, and proactive measures to equip students with the skills relevant to transition into Africa’s fast-growing workforce.

As highlighted in our 2020 Annual Impact Report, strategic partnerships lie at the core of how we learn, grow, and deliver on this promise.

About Data Camp

DataCamp is an e-learning platform that helps learners build data skills at their own pace. As one of the world’s leading data science learning platforms, DataCamp is “democratizing data science skills for everyone”. Through its DataCamp Donates initiative, the company is providing thousands of one-year premium subscriptions (each one typically valued at US $399) to nonprofits, as well as features usually reserved for their business customers, including 24/7 customer support.

About the Partnership

“Data is a big part of our work, and we are thrilled to not only enhance our team’s capacity in the field but ensure access to hundreds of other young people. We plan to launch our initiative in September 2021 and will work with schools and organizations to provide licenses to students and youth to learn data science and analytics,” TRIBE’s CEO, Wainright Acquoi, confirmed.

In response to the partnership agreement, DataCamp’s Community Partnerships Manager, Nathaniel Taylor-Leach, added that “We recently made DataCamp for Classrooms free to all US high school teachers and their students, so I am beyond excited to work with TRIBE to do the same for young Liberians through DataCamp Donates. At DataCamp, we believe a world-class data education can benefit everyone, but especially students about to enter the job market in developing economies. The expertise and community connections TRIBE provides will ensure that the one-year scholarships we are donating have the maximum positive impact on local Liberian communities. This experience will inform our ongoing efforts to make DataCamp free to more students around the world.”

TRIBE’s Director of Programs and Evaluation, Solomon G. Mahn, described the development as crucial to TRIBE’s long-term strategic priorities. “We have an ambitious plan of leveraging data to improve learning outcomes across Africa, and this partnership gives us the platform to build our team’s capacity while scaling the knowledge to individuals and institutions working to realize this bold mission.”

Data is the crux of technology and entrepreneurship in today’s world. Businesses depend highly on data analytics to develop products for consumers, conduct market research, and manage effective systems and strategies. For a social enterprise like TRIBE, we rely heavily on the right insights, combined with innovative practices, to solve social problems across Africa.

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